“Veni, Vidi, Vici.”…and Other Things Going on in My Life


Hey y’all-sorry that I haven’t posted since August-my last and final quarter started and came at GMC, and honestly I was scared that I wouldn’t pass my last class, but I did and I’m proud of myself for even doing that because I hated math so much, mostly because I thought that I didn’t need math (turns out I did because I played D&D and also because sometimes I make a strawberry smoothie and I have to remember directions, along with me (hopefully soon) learning how to drive. So how did my last quarter go? Well it went a little something like this…


Yep I took simple math…thank god for the simple math because that’s honestly all I need. That and a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.


And the homework assignment I had to do that I got an A (100%) on. So what else has been going on with my life recently? Well I had to go to a family event and it was okay, saw my cousins and ate some great food-but the good part (to me anyway) was the wine (even though it was bloody cheap!) that I took home (and still have actually, just need to finish drinking that up).



And honestly, what’s more fun than alcohol? Or ale…also ale (if you’re under 21, I wouldn’t advise you to drink some wine or any alcohol for that matter…or if you’re Grog and you really like ale….)


I tried watching Elektra (the Jennifer Gardner movie, but I prefer Elodie Yung’s version of Elektra because it’s just so damn fantastic!!!) for the third time but my mind was kinda gone at this point so I decided to wait till I was ready to watch it, which might be soon or whenever I don’t have nothing else to do.


Two weeks ago I brought me some new nail polish and some Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers Minis because I needed some new nail polish really badly. The dark blue color is After School Boy Blazer (the color I’ve been wanting for 87 YEARS since it came out) and the mauve/light brown (I think that’s what it is-on the essie site it says it’s a “stone cold fox gray”) color is called Smokin’ Hot and I might put that on my nails tonight or tomorrow.


Even though it’s dark, that’s what After School Boy Blazer looks like on my nails

So how was your three months? Was it uneventful as mine or more fun? And are you ready for the Holidays (Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas)?


“She believed she could, so she did.”-R.S. Grey


Hey y’all!

First off, sorry I haven’t been on in a while-I’ve been busy with school and trying to figure out if I’m graduating or not….but as of right now, 5/24/2016…..I AM OFFICIALLY A GRADUATE OF GEORGIA MILITARY COLLEGE.


(Yep…that’s how I feel right now…thanks to Jeremy Renner 😉 )

And honestly…I’m very happy and very excited to be graduating that I’m honestly anxious for my graduation. Is that weird to say? I guess it is, because I really wanna graduate and transfer to Kennesaw State University (fingers crossed if I get accepted!!) and during the summer, I try to read more books and try to blog on here more (which I keep neglecting to do, but now I’m graduating, you might get more posts on here about the process of transfer and things like that) and then when it’s time for me to leave the nest, I’ll bring y’all along so you can follow me on my adventures at KSU!


SO CONGRATS TO ME AND ALL THE GRADUATES OF 2016!!!! Let’s hope our next chapter is awesome than the first one!!