My Characters from the World of Dungeons and Dragons: Drusilia ‘Dru’ Nightbreeze

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Today I thought I’d do something else for a blog post because honestly my life right now is kinda boring, with all the searching for a job and staying at home and watching Will & Grace and Ghosted, but I thought I’d do a post about my Dungeons and Dragons characters I play (or played or created) throughout my one year of playing this amazing game (I only played two games so far: Curse of Strhad and Storm King’s Thunder, currently playing) and I have made plenty others, so today I thought I’d share my first ever D&D character (she’s retired right now but I would love to play her again someday, maybe in a homebrew or a one-shot, IDK)

*the character PSD I used is this one-click here to get it…NOW ON WITH THE CHARACTER YAY

drusillianightbreeze copy2

Character Name: Drusillia (Though on the character sheet I actually wrote ‘Drusilia’) Nightbreeze

Class & Level: Fighter lvl 5 (I think)

Background: Solider

Race: Wood Elf

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Strength: 15 (+2)

Dexterity: 18 (+4)

Consitution: 13(+1)

Intelligence: 8(-1)

Widsom: 13(+1)

Charisma: 10(-1 or +1)

Saving throws: Strength + Dextrity

Skills: Animal handling, athletics, history, intmidation, perception

Armor Class: 16

Initiative: +4

Speed: 35

Hit Points: 32

Hit Die: 1d10

Weapons: Longbow, Longsword, 2 handaxes, golden warhammer

Equipment: All armor & shields, insignia of rank, a dagger, deck of cards, common clothes, belt pouch of 10 gp, leather armor, longbow w/20 arrows, explorer’s pack, 2 health potions (2d4 to take)

Features and traits: Has a moon in the middle of her forehead, long back hair, hazel eyes, a scar on her left cheek, medium bulit body, darkvision, keen senses, fey ancestry, mask of the wild, archery (champion feat), second wind, action surge

Languages: Common, Elvish

Personality Traits: I am always polite and respectful, and I’m haunted by the memories of war

Ideals: I do what I must and obey just authority (while her cousin does not and is practically a child)

Bonds: I would still lay down my life for the people I served with

Flaws: The enemy we faced (by this point, it’s Strhad) still leaves me quivering in fear

Age: 155 years old

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Copper

Hair: Black

FC (Face Claim): Ashley Greene

Her backstory is coming soon (mostly because I haven’t thought of it yet) but when I finally come up with it I’ll post it on here, maybe along with her adventures that she has with her crazy cousin (maybe, maybe not, IDK yet)


Fantasy AUs About Myself


Oh good lord. I haven’t updated this blog since June. JUNE. For that, I’m sorry-life got in the way, along with books, so I haven’t actually been able to blog on here like I want to. So as I was wondering around one of my tumblr blogs, wonderingfaerie, I randomly went though the personal tag and found this AU I wrote about myself, and I thought that it would be perfect for this blog post today, because it sounded (and looked) really good.

So the first Fantasy AU, I thought I’d start with Game of Thrones (since I am reading it right now-A Storm of Swords and I haven’t watched last season’s Game of Thrones, so no spoilers in the comments!) and if I was in Game of Thrones (book and TV show) this is what I would wear:




In the Game of Thrones AU, I would be a Baratheon (I did a name generator about myself a long time ago, though I don’t believe that I am, I’m more of a Targaryen) and I would secretly hate Cersei (in the books and in the show I hate her…so much….) and somehow someway I’ll survive in Kings Landing…even if I have to suffer with Joffery for FOUR. WHOLE. SEASONS. TILL. HE. DIES. (spolier alert). Will I be married in this AU? Yes and No-yes because he’d look like Sam Heaughan, and no beacause sadly he would’ve died in the war. Dang it.

Next Fantasy AU is J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings, and obviously I’d be an elf, though I’d be a elf in Lothlorien, maybe a royal librarian (because of my love for books) and I would wear this:


(even though it’s Ewoyn’s dress….I CAN’T HELP IT IT’S PERFECT) and when I have to take a journey to, let’t say Gondor, I have to wear this.


(Yep…that’s Arwen’s dress because I love it.)

Now for the other fantasy AUs (Dragonlance series, Forgotten Realms, Dungeons & Dragons, Dragon Age) I would probably wear something like this:


(apparently, along with two wolves)

I think I would’ve been a mage married to a Lord like the mage in the Dungeons and Dragon movie, The Wrath of the Dragon Lord. I would’ve helped my husband (as long as he looks like Chris Evans/Liam McIntyre/Dustin Clare/Joseph Morgan/Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Nikolaj Coster-Waldau/Alistair Theirin/Male Hawke…BUT I digress) and one day I would get sick from a curse a dark lich/evil mage/whatever the heck might curse me and my lovely husband would find someway to save me before I died.

And last but not least, Skyrim. I play that game so much…..

Skyrim: With Skyrim it’ll be hard to place because 1.) I’d actually be the Harbringer of the Companions 2.) Me and Farkas would be married and 3. I’d either join the Stormcloaks because I want to and 4.) I’m the dragonborn. Basically. So what WOULD I actually look like in Skyrim


Yeeeah in the game I’m playing now, I’m a Nightingale, but I’d actually look like this:


(Cuz Lagertha is awesome)

So that is all the fantasy AUs I have for myself, while I’m looking up patterns for a costume, maybe for halloween or just for the hell of it.