What’s In My Bag

Hello ya’ll…and long time no see, huh? Well that’s because I’ve been so busy that I’ve honestly been neglecting this blog a lot…mostly because I’ve been busy playing Dungeons and Dragons (I’m in Adventure League, but holy shit I love the game so much) and also slowly but surely getting back into school because I’m going to take one math class in the summer before I can FINALLY transfer to either Kennesaw State, University of West Georgia or some other college around her that has what I’m looking for. But today I thought I’d do a what’s in my bag post, like I keep seeing on a lot on YouTube.


So this have been my bag for a couple of months-close to a year bag-the Lady Lockbox Satchel from Charming Charlie (I looked on the website and they don’t have it anymore so sorry, you can’t get it) and it has been the greatest purse I’ve ever carried-it’s big enough for me to carry nearly everything and maybe the kitchen sink, I can carry up to three novels in it, and it’s perfect and stylish and black (like some parts of my soul….) but then yesterday I brought a new bag (that’ll be on the next post after this) so what’s in my bag, you ask?


Dracula by Bram Stoker-the book I’ve started and re-started and always end up in my DNF pile until now. I’m going to read this book and then on my book blog (rebellefleurx) I’ll give you a great review once I get done reading it. If you wanna know what else I’m reading, follow me on Goodreads.


Black Love Notebook & Moleskine notebook-The black heart Notebook I use as an agenda, to write down everything I need to do, and the Moleskine is my journal where I write random things, even the things that we collect from the adventures in D&D.  I love the computer and the internet and all, but sometimes it’s nice to write things down so you can remember things and actually do them.


Urban Decay VICE Lipstick in 1993 & Lipbalm-Honestly ever since I got this lipstick on my birthday, I can’t put it down (even though it don’t look like it-I rarely wear lipstick anyway) but when it comes to this lipstick, it’s like I can’t put it down. And paired with this lipbalm, it’s perfect and I can wear this lipstick all day without touching it up.


Liz Claibourne wallet, pen, eraser-Ya know, the other essentials that I carry, along with my student ID and keys that aren’t photoed. Baasically the wallet is perfect, carries all my cards that I need, the green eraser is for D&D and the pen is for when something strikes me and I need something to write it all down.