Something Shocking Happened Today…

I think this is quite shocking to me, really. It is.

If you know me, then you now that I’m BLOODY TERRIBLE AT MATH. VERY. BLOODY. TERRIBLE. AF. I’ve taken ONE math class out of my ENTIRE THREE YEARS OF BEING THERE AT GMC and for some reason, I can’t pass it WORTH A BLOODY SHIT.


Wanna know what that thing was?

I’m. Passing. My. Math. Class.




I’m quite shocked that I’m passing my class-and I don’t wanna jinx it, really, but I HOPE THIS IS THE LAST BLOODY TIME I TAKE MATH BECAUSE I REALLY HATE IT. But I’m slowly adjusting to the fact that I’m passing my math class and I hope to god that I do pass this class, because….*whispers* I’m starting to like it. A Lot.


My (Very Little) Necklace Collection


Hey y’all!

I love necklaces-it honestly makes a outfit (if I’m wearing my usual t-shirt and jeans or a really nice dress) look so much better, no matter how little or how big it is, I love necklaces-it’s honestly my favorite accessory next to purses (which is an addiction, honestly-I can’t stop looking at them and can’t stop wishing I had a bigger closet to show them off) but for now I thought today I’d show you what kind of necklaces I wear, from not really that much to wear it all day everyday-and also tell you were I got them from (if I can remember).


Black Stone Necklace, ICING, $5, but something similar at Charming Charlie’s

I brought this necklace last year at ICING and I haven’t worn it yet, but I’m going to! This necklace is the most beautiful and awesome necklace I ever did see and I just had to get it (and I’m on the ICING website now, and I see more necklaces I want real badly).


Boho Necklace, Forever 21 (I think)

Now I haven’t worn this necklace yet, but one day I will! This necklace has three links to it, and it does get tangled up with my other necklaces, but I still love it! I don’t have any necklace like this, but I still love it a lot!!


Huge Blinged out Necklace, Torrid

(I’m sorry if this is blurry) BUT I wear this one whenever I feel like it. It’s beautiful, big and I love it. A lot. A lot lot.


Walking Kitty Necklace, Forever 21

The first necklace I’ve ever brought at Forever 21. I wore this all the time, but now I’m slowly but surely not wearing it as much as I want to. But some days I’ll crack it out and wear it when the mood strikes me.


‘I Heart Jack’ Pirates of the Caribbean necklace, Claire’s

(I’m sorry for the blurriness again) BUT this is my first ever necklace I’ve ever gotten from Claire’s, when the Pirates of the Caribbean movie fandom was huge. I got it when I was in middle school/high school, and wore it ever since. I still wear it and I love it so damned much that I will never part with it. NEVER, I TELL YA, NEVER.


Key Necklace, Forever 21

(once again, I’m sorry for the blurriness) BUT this is my most worn necklace I’ve ever brought and loved at the same time. It’s cute, it’s adorable, I love the cool lines in the middle of the heart…I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS NECKLACE SO MUCH.


Hello 2016.

Hello 2016-and also the first blog post on this blog. I’ve always wanted to have a personal blog, but everytime I do, it don’t become personal at all-it becomes something totally different. But I think this time I’ll try to keep this one as I sit here and watch Charlie’s Angels on E! and I thought I share with you my resolutions (in which I don’t make them at all, really. I don’t see the use of them at all) so here there are-my resolutions of 2016.

  1. Learn how to drive and get a job
  2. Actually write my first book, After Andrew Crawford (originally After Andrew) and post it on Wattpad
  3. Graduate GMC and transfer to either the University of West Georgia or Kennesaw State University
  4. Write on this blog more

What are your resolutions for this year. And also-Happy New Year! May it be wonderful and amazing!