Hello 2016.

Hello 2016-and also the first blog post on this blog. I’ve always wanted to have a personal blog, but everytime I do, it don’t become personal at all-it becomes something totally different. But I think this time I’ll try to keep this one as I sit here and watch Charlie’s Angels on E! and I thought I share with you my resolutions (in which I don’t make them at all, really. I don’t see the use of them at all) so here there are-my resolutions of 2016.

  1. Learn how to drive and get a job
  2. Actually write my first book, After Andrew Crawford (originally After Andrew) and post it on Wattpad
  3. Graduate GMC and transfer to either the University of West Georgia or Kennesaw State University
  4. Write on this blog more

What are your resolutions for this year. And also-Happy New Year! May it be wonderful and amazing!